The North Western Repeater Group was formed on the 23rd January 1975 to provide reliable mobile communication between Amateur Radio operators. The group's first repeater was the 2m FM repeater GB3RF which the group still owns and runs in Accrington.. Two other repeaters were added to the North Western Repeater Group, GB3FC, and GB3PF. Over the years GB3FC transferred ownership and GB3PF was closed down when site fees became impossible for the group to afford. Both of these repeaters returned to the group in 2022.

In 2022 we began offering our assistance to other amateurs in the area and several other repeaters and gateways have since been affiliated with the Group, information about them can be found in the repeater and gateway menus. 

Working with our affiliated repeaters and gateways the group has built and assisted with several networks of linked repeaters and gateways across the North West and the UK, please look under the Networks menu for more information. 

During the group's almost 50 years there have been many changes to the members, committee, and several repeater keepers. Without members, a group isn't a group and we are very grateful to all our members past and present for all their support and donations that have facilitated the Group providing local repeaters for almost 50 years..

We always welcome new members and everyone is welcome to visit us at one of our monthly meetings.

The group meets at The Globe Bowling Club, Willows Lane, Accrington, Lancashire on the Third Thursday of each month starting at 8:00 pm.

Membership of the group currently costs £16.00 per year if paid using the PayPal button below, renewable after 12 calendar months.

Membership is discounted to £15 per year if paid at one of the group's monthly meetings.

To join, either contact the Treasurer or use the 'Subscribe' button below. 


Before you click on the “Subscribe” button, please enter your callsign in the box below, as a reference :




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